Programs of NetWORKS are guided by an experienced youth professional who ensures a loving, safe, engaging, and fun atmosphere.

Our Programs

Grace Express

is our summer program.

Grace in Motion

is our performing arts program, which culminates as our Christmas in July Presentation.

It allows youth to express themselves by writing scripts/poems, dancing, interacting together so all the weight is on one person, and taking on different characters which to some is an escape.

Grace in Enterpri$e

is our entrepreneurship program. It’s part of Grace Express and implemented periodically throughout the year.

Youth Development Specialists receive one-on-one and group training in youth development strategies. Food preparers are trained according to Mississippi State nutritional guidelines. When applicable, and possible, college internships are applied

Summer Camp “Thursday Big Breakfast”

Big Breakfast is a unique activity that brings youth, family and key community leaders (pastors, funders, school officials, business people, etc.) together to enjoy a special breakfast.

In addition to their family members, the youth have an opportunity, through the Youth Member Board of Directors, to invite key community leaders. Youth have an opportunity to share a conversation with our guests as they eat.

After everyone is finished eating, we use this opportunity for youth to present a skit, talent show, or special activity.  Whatever is presented is theme-based i.e., bullying, unity, hate, etc. Sometimes we’ll have our guests speak or participate in a panel discussion on a certain topic.

Big Breakfast is held on Thursday. People who are invited receive a Big Breakfast Menu on Monday. They return it on Tuesday. Youth are assigned to figure out how much groceries and money we need to fill all the orders. Youth are assigned to be greeters, waiters/waitresses, food preparers, do a formal welcome, formal thank you, an invitation to leave a donation, and clean up.

A Big Breakfast Menu typically includes: bacon, beef sausage links, fried bologna, chicken patties, grits, hash browns, biscuits, scrambled eggs, freshly made from scratch waffles with a wide variety of toppings including ice cream, juice, milk, coffee, and condiments.

On the next day, Friday, each age group is asked to discuss what they learned from their guests. Staff comes up with questions and prizes are awarded. The youth decide who they want to invite next week and the invitations are made (arts & crafts) to be distributed on Monday.

The Youth Member Board of Directors discusses the invitations for the key leaders, which most of the time is determined two weeks ahead and evaluates the activity for any changes.

After all of this is done, the youth have free time for the remainder of the day!

This summer will be our 5th year offering Big Breakfast. The kids love it and it’s improving every year!

We Believe

We believe in the value of our youth both present and future.

We believe that positive youth characteristics are developed through nurturing, educating, and training and that when they are, they are better equipped to implement positive unity in their family and their community.

We believe that nurturing, educating, and training youth has a positive impact on the concept of Umoja (unity) and therefore we connect the concept of unity in our program delivery.

Many youth today are in desperate need of nurturing: being cared for, being loved, and of being encouraged to realize their own self worth in order to enhance their lives and the lives of others.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of youth through program components designed to nurture, educate, and train youth thus laying the foundation for responsible citizenship.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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