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Nurturing, Educating, and Training Works through Christ Jesus

To enhance the lives of youth through program components designed to nurture, educate, and train youth thus laying the foundation for responsible citizenship.

At NetWORKS We Believe

We believe in the value of our youth both present and future.

We believe that positive youth characteristics are developed through nurturing, educating, and training.

We believe that nurturing, educating, and training youth has a positive impact on the concept of Umoja (unity) and therefore we connect the concept of unity in our program delivery.

Many youth today are in desperate need of nurturing: being cared for, being loved, and of being encouraged to realize their own self worth in order to enhance their lives and the lives of others.

The funds raised from sales (after operation costs) of TastyTime Popcorn and Rev's Southern Pork Rinds help us to pay PT staff, program supplies, program fees for those in need, costumes, etc.

About Us

"NetWORKS was inspired by the vow I made to God. While working as Executive Director..."

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Delivers fun and organized programs designed to nurture, educate, and train youth.

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TastyTime Gourmet Popcorn

TastyTime Gourmet Popcorn offers four lines of popcorn.

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Rev's Southern Pork Rinds

Rev’s Southern Pork Rinds are not your usual pork rind.

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